The main objective of the curriculum of the Doctoral Program in Philosophy of Science is to train academics of the highest level capable of developing original research in Philosophy of science and technology, specialized in one of the six fields of knowledge fostered del by the Graduate Program in Philosophy of Science.

Our doctoral graduates are able of practicing specialized teaching in undergraduate and graduate levels, and of conducting original research in an autonomous manner in the fields fostered by the Graduate Program. They are also capable of participating in creative and critical enterprises in institutions and organizations in charge of designing, coordinating and evaluating public policies concerning scientific and technological development, or in institutions in charge of the communication and outreach of science and technology; in general, our doctoral graduates are capable in participating in public spaces in which theoretical and reflective knowledge about the sciences and technology is necessary. The doctoral program aims for a systematic relation between philosophy and the distinct scientific disciplines, be these formal, natural, or social, as well as the technological disciplines, promoting new forms of connecting the humanities, the sciences and technology. For this reason, the Doctoral Program in Philosophy of Science fosters interdisciplinary work in teaching and research.

Besides setting itself the task of training researchers and teachers specialized in the fields of knowledge fostered by the Graduate Program, its interdisciplinary nature also allows for the consolidation of the philosophical and methodological training, so that specialists in different scientific (physics, biology, mathematics, computer science, sociology, anthropology, political science, psychology, among others) or technological disciplines may contribute to the innovation in teaching and in lines of research in their field of specialty.

The curriculum of the Doctoral Program has a duration of 8 semesters, during which the student develops an original research project which will be evaluated every semester by a dissertation committee designated for this purpose. Once the project of research is concluded, the student defends their work orally.

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