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General information of the Postgraduate Program on Industrial Design at UNAM Mexico
The Postgraduate Program on Industrial Design was founded 30 years ago. The initial plan was approved on March 26, 1980, and was launched in November 1981 with the first students generation; in December 1996 the (Instituto de Investigaciones Antropológicas de la UNAM ) Institute of Anthropological Research of UNAM was incorporated as a participant academic entity for the program.The goal of the curriculum is to train professors in the different fields of knowledge that make up the study area of Industrial Design; capable of developing quality research in any of the lines of the discipline; prepared to counsel and disseminate their knowledge to the next generations and stakeholders in design and development activity. The program offers:  A flexible study plan that favors an efficient, current and timely response within the spectrum of the fields of knowledge that are taught according to the academic and professional needs, while promoting interdisciplinary interaction.A curriculum with an extensive expertise that integrates various fields of arts, humanities, science and technology.An appropriate academic, professional and personal development according to the changing global context.The duration of the program is four consecutive semesters in full time, but it is Ver más.
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