Financial Aid for Postgraduate Study Program (Programa de Apoyo a los Estudios de Posgrado [PAEP])

The Financial Aid Program for Postgraduate Studies helps Postgraduate Programs develop institutional projects, endorsed by the Academic Committees, which are geared towards strengthening the Postgraduate Programs’ infrastructure and the academic training of Master's and Doctoral students.  The call for PEAP applications is published once a year in the Gaceta UNAM (UNAM Gazette) and on the Coordination of Postgraduate Studies website.


  • Financial aid is granted to carry out academic activities such as fieldwork or laboratory practice, participating in conferences, symposia, courses, workshops, research stays at national and international institutions, and reimbursements for printing dissertations.
  • The Postgraduate Program Coordinating Bodies will be responsible for determining the academic requirements that the student must comply with and carry out the corresponding procedure before the Coordination of Postgraduate Studies.
  • The academic activity must be approved by the Academic Committee in the corresponding Postgraduate Program.
  • The student must be enrolled during the period of the activity.
  • Financial aid to participate in conferences will only be made available for students that will participate as speakers to present their work.
  • The maximum amount that a student may receive as reimbursement for printing his/her dissertation is $1,500.00 Mexican Pesos. To this end, the Coordination of Postgraduate Studies must submit a request form to the SPI, along with copies of the form that is completed when the student takes the exam to obtain his/her degree, and the dissertation cover page.       

Equipment and Services

  • Financial aid is granted for computer equipment, laboratory equipment, software, and reagents. 
  • Equipment acquired through the PAEP will be at the students’ disposal.
  • The PEAP provides up to 67% of the financial resources to acquire instruments, computer equipment, and all other equipment.
  • The deadline to submit internal purchase request forms for instruments, computer equipment, and all other equipment at the Coordination of Postgraduate Studies will be the third week of May. 
  • The budget will be made available from the date that it is authorized until the first week of October. 

Guest Professors

Transportation and travel expenses for guest professors (who will teach courses and advise students) that are not members of the academic staff at the UNAM

Call for Applications
Catalog of Budget Items Approved for the Financial Aid Program for Postgraduate Study (Programa de Apoyo a los Estudios de Posgrado [PAEP])
Rules of Operation (2015)
Applications Capture System

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